teeth cleaning


Tooth cleaning can remove plaque, calculus, and some coloration of the tooth surface that cannot be removed by other oral cleaning measures such as brushing. Tooth cleaning can also maintain the health of periodontal tissues and prevent the occurrence or recurrence of periodontal disease. The details are as follows:

  1, remove dental stones / plaque

  Most of the calculus/plaque grows where the teeth are close to the gums. Brushing is not possible in these locations, and the calculus is very strong and the toothbrush can't be brushed. At the same time, the calculus/plaque itself is porous, and absorbs a large amount of bacterial toxins like a sponge, causing periodontal inflammation, which makes the gums fragile and causes edema and bleeding. Washing your teeth is the most effective way to remove calculus/plaque.

  2, remove the tooth coloring

  By cleaning your teeth, you can remove tooth stains from long-term smoking, tea and coffee, and make your teeth clean and beautiful.

  3, prevention of bleeding gums, gingivitis